T-Hub Project article in SSMB magazine

This article describes, in brief, the structural design, engineering, fabrication and construction of T Hub -II at Knowledge city, Hyderabad. T Hub -II is built on 3.12 acres comprising of 2B+G+11 floors. It accommodates startups, academic, corporate, research and government sectors only. Not only the function but also the form of the building contributes to the city. The form of the building has a dual skin facade as a protection from sun’s harmful radiation and to accommodate green spaces inside the building.

Another feature of the form is the double skin facade over the cantilevers thus protecting those levels from direct sun and providing shade for the transparent plazas. It has 2m offset from the building. The skin has an expanded aluminium mesh. The extended portions of the facade contains smoking zones, landscape emergency exits which implies that the facade contribute to the structure functionally as well.

You can check our article on : http://www.ssmb.in/magazine/2019/909091/SEPTEMBER/index.html#page/40